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Tom Martino

Tom has had a remarkable career dedicated to helping people in various ways for almost five decades. His passion for assisting others can be seen through his extensive work across all major media platforms, including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet.
Currently, Tom holds the prestigious position of hosting the longest running radio talk show in America.
Every day he answers questions, addresses complaints, and solves problems for thousands of people who reach out to him for guidance and support. Tom’s commitment to helping others goes beyond just providing advice and assistance. He has actively fought against consumer fraud and has played a significant role in recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for victims who have fallen prey to fraudulent activities.
Martino’s exceptional track record showcases his unwavering dedication and positive impact on countless lives. Furthermore, Tom’s compassionate nature is what led him to co-found Wave 8 Capital, LLC, where he continues to prioritize helping others.
With his vast experience and genuine desire to assist, Tom aims to help individuals in achieving their investment goals, enabling them to create wealth not only for themselves but also for their loved ones.