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Wave 8 Capital is a leading private hedge fund utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) algorithms

to capitalize on lucrative opportunities in both long and short trades.


There are always stocks that go up and stocks that go down, on any trading day, in any market. The key is …


Our proprietary A. I. algorithm quantitatively screens thousands of stocks each trading day then selects …


Our exclusive selection of stock pairs has yielded consistent success in the market 78.8% of the time …


Wave 8’s track record is remarkable and speaks volumes about the success of our investment strategies …

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Individual Accounts

  • Only $25,000 minimum
  • No long-term commitment
  • Compounded Returns

Self-Directed IRAs

  • Open Pacific Premier Trust IRA
  • Self-Direct to Wave 8 Capital
  • Tax-deferred profits!

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  • What does this cost me?

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Eighth Wave Pairs Strategy Hedge Fund

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