Eighth Wave Pairs Strategy Hedge Fund


Our exclusive selection of stock pairs has been a key factor in our consistent success in the market – 78.8% of the time …

And we have managed to thrive in every market condition, whether it be bull markets, bear markets, calm markets, or highly volatile markets.
The resilience of our strategy is evident in our pairs trading history, where we have achieved profitability 65.9% of the time, and have broken even in 12.9% of the cases.
Admittedly, we have also encountered losses, with a loss rate of 21.6%. However, what sets us apart is our ability to combine the probabilities of profit and break-even to achieve an impressive combined success probability of 78.8%.
This remarkable figure has allowed us to maintain a steady upward trajectory, even after enduring losses. We are confident that our proprietary selection of stock pairs will continue to deliver consistent results and drive our success in the future.

DISCLAIMER: As with all investments, past performance does not guarantee future returns and the potential for gains is accompanied by the possibility of loss.