Eighth Wave Pairs Strategy Hedge Fund

ARB Fund Mangement

with 4Alts Alternative Platform

As a private hedge fund, we concentrate on the investment strategies leaving the fund management to the proven experts at ARB Fund Management and 4Alts Alternative Platform. Together, ARB & 4Alts provide the compliance, online portals, trading platforms and reporting – to give you the confidence that our fund runs legally, responsibly and seamlessly!
As a private hedge fund, our main focus lies in carefully crafting and executing investment strategies that generate optimal returns for our clients.
In order to ensure that our fund is managed with utmost expertise, we have partnered with ARB Fund Management and 4Alts Alternative Platform, both of which have established themselves as proven experts in the field. By entrusting the fund management responsibilities to these esteemed organizations, we are able to leverage their extensive knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive compliance services, ensuring that our fund operates in full accordance with all legal and regulatory requirements. This not only protects the interests of our investors but also instills confidence in the transparency and integrity of our operations.
Additionally, ARB & 4Alts offer user-friendly online portals and trading platforms, which are designed to seamlessly integrate with our fund’s operations. Furthermore, ARB & 4Alts provide comprehensive reporting services, delivering required tax documentation when needed.
Altogether, the partnership with ARB Fund Management and 4Alts Alternative Platform allows us to run our private hedge fund in a manner that is legal, responsible, and seamless, offering our clients the confidence and peace of mind they deserve.